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Dry Ginger Coffee


What is dry ginger coffee?

Dry Ginger is most important medicine in our ancient India. It is an age old trusted way to relieve yourself from sore, throat, cough, cold and nasal congestion. It is also known as “Sukku Coffee” in Tamil.

Commonly people treat as a very good remedy for cold its rich aroma opens nasal blocks and provides relief from throat infections.

Did you know people may call it as?

  • dry ginger coffee                                                                     
  • sukku coffee powder
  • sukku kaapi
  • chukku coffee
  • sukku malli coffee
  • sukku malli kaapi
  • English :  Dry Ginger
  • Tamil :  Sukku
  • Malayalam :  Chukku
  • Telugu :  Sonti / Allam
  • Kannada:Tulu :  Shunti / Ona Soonti
  • Hindi :  Sonth / Sattah / Adrak
  • Bengali :  Sonth / Ada
  • Gujarati :  Adhu
  • Konkani :  Sunt / Soontti
  • Marathi :  Sunt / Suntih
  • Oriya :  Ada
  • Punjabi :  Adarak


How dry ginger coffee helps Weight Loss?

              Ginger can enhance calorie burn and reduce feelings of hunger, and that it’s associated with weight loss in overweight adults.


How dry ginger (Sukku) coffee taste like?

               Dry Ginger (Sukku) coffee tastes like blend of spicy and as well as sweet.


What is the benefits of dry ginger coffee?

               Sukku coffee has been used as a home remedy for everything from digestive issues to the common cold in Tamil households for centuries.

                It gives rich source of Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin c, Omega-3 and omega-6.

Most common benefits                                                              

  • Remedy for digestive issues.
  • Remedy for stomach ache,
  • Reduces nausea and motion sickness.
  • Heals gastric ulcers.
  • Effectively treats cold and cough.
  • Remedy for other respiratory problems.
  • It can prevent blood clots.
  • Ginger has natural blood thinning properties.


How to use this dry ginger coffee daily?

  • Just add 2 spoon of 7DINAM Sukku coffee powder in hot water or milk
  • No Need of adding sugar since we already have palm sugar in it.
  • Based on your personal taste you can add or reduce the consumption (2 spoon) of sukku coffee powder.


What is special about 7DINAM dry ginger coffee?

  • 7DINAM Sukku coffee has “21 Herbal” ingredients which is one of the unique aspect.
  • Palm Sugar added already to the product so no need of extra sugar.
  • We guarantee as you can feel the aroma of sukku coffee and rich in taste as like made by our home.

How to buy 7DINAM dry ginger coffee?

  • 7DINAM offers 250gm, 125gm and 50gm packets for Sukku Coffee Powder.
  • You can call at our number (or) whatsapp +91 9952428171 & +91 9489698171
  • You can send on email
  • You visit our website

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 Herbs Mixed in 7DINAM Sukku Coffee



Dry Ginger(Sukku)


Its rich aroma opens nasal blocks and provides relief from throat infections and fever too.



It is used as an appetite stimulant a breathing aid and a cough therapy and also improves secretion from the taste buds.


Long Pepper (Thippili)


Cures throat irritation and also used for asthma bronchitis and cough.


Coriander leaves

(Kothamalli tazhai)


Increase the levels of cholesterol.

It is good for diabetes patients and stimulate the insulin secretion and lower the blood sugar levels.


Muster seed

(Kadugu vidhai)

To relieve any congestion problems in respiration.

To relieve from rheumatic arthritis.


Turmeric (Manjal)


It helps to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s.

Antioxidant helps to improve symptoms of depression.





Good for liver disorders, ulcers and helps to combat depression.


Indian sarasaparilla



It is effective for inflammations of liver and spleen, urinary disorders, wheezing, anemia and rheumatic arthritis.


Winter cherry



It improves the energy levels and promoting mitochondrial health.

It helps body to respond appropriately to acute and chronic stress and reduce sleeplessness.

It also reducing cortisol levels in the blood stream.


Dill powder



It is very effective in curing dysentery which is caused by fungal infections.

It is an excellent source of calcium.


Arathi herb

Clerodendrum viscosum



It also have antioxidative properties that can help with inflammatory diseases.

It is used to cure diarrhea, rheumatic complaints, fever, skin ailments etc..,


Nightshade leaf powder(Kandankathiri)


It is used for treating all respiratory diseases like cough, phlegm and cold related fevers.


Cumin seeds



It is used as to rehydrate the human body and keep refresh all the time.


Basil leaves



Tulsi has very potent germicidal, fungicidal, anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that are great for resolving fevers.




Reduces high blood pressure, fights bacterial infections and balance blood sugar.


Lesser galangal



It is very good remedy for common cold and cough.





It also strengthens the lungs, enhances fertility helps the urinary system, improves skin quality and promotes healthier hair.


Indian pennywort



It is neuro protective in nature.

It has calming effect on brain during mental stress and anxiety.


Climbing brinjal



It is useful to cure diabetes, diarrhea, cholera, asthma and tuberculosis.


Palm sugar


Controls blood sugar levels.

Good for arthritis and anemia.


  "We know that food is a medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or cure most disease"

    Think Ginger!                           

                              Think 7DINAM!!...